Hyperborea: Amazon Carrack


TL;DR: I need a deck plan for a ship. I didn't quite like what I found so I made my own.

So, my party decided to purchase a sailing vessel and hire a crew.

So I went searching on the web and asking on the Hyperborea Forums forums as well.

Serendipitously I have been watching a YouTube channel of a guy restoring an old, wooden sailing vessel. In a few episodes he goes about explaining how to read the prints for a ship. It did help a bit with this project. I didn't go too deep into an accurate deck plan. I wanted something good enough to work but also some semblance of "correct".

So, this is what I came up with.

scalar vector graphic of an amazon carrack deck plan

Amazon Carrack Deck Plan Key

  1. Forecastle
  2. Aftcastle or Sterncastle
  3. Galley
  4. Officers Cabin
  5. Captain's Cabin
  6. Passenger Cabin
  7. Passenger Cabin
  8. Officers Cabin
  9. Crew Quarters
  10. Crew Quarters
  11. Passenger Cabin
  12. Passenger Cabin
  13. Passenger Cabin
  14. Passenger Cabin
  15. Passenger Cabin
  16. Passenger Cabin
  17. Crew Quarters
  18. Cargo Deck
  19. Steerage Deck

So this is nice and all, but I needed something that I think is better to use in my campaign which is on Roll20.

The instructions are for roll20. I have a license for fantasy grounds but I haven't really used it. So, if you are a FG user you'll probably figure it out before I do.

Most of my maps on roll20 are 25x25 squares of 70pixels.

After uploading it I put it in the map layer.

I right click on the image, select Advanced -> Set Dimensions.

Set the dimensions given for the image (see below).

Right cick on image, Advanced -> Align to Grid

Click and drag a square, it doesn't really matter how big.

Then select the grid cell size to 35x35.

This should then align the grid of the deck to the grid of the vtt map.

Also, each grid on the deck plan is 5 feet, which is what I usually use for my games.

First, a mashup of the castles and main deck. The practical surface area for combat.

This map is 700x210 pixels.

image of deckplan to use for combat with a virtual table top campaign

This map is the main deck. It is 665x210 pixels.

image of main deckplan to use with a virtual table top campaign

This map is the lower deck. It is 665x175 pixels.

image of lower deckplan to use with a virtual table top campaign

I hope it's useful for those needing a ship in whatever system you use.

I might update this post with some screenshots of exactly what I do in Roll20 but this is what I have time for at the moment.

Happy gaming everyone and remember Rule 0: Have fun.